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Located on the occupied territories of the Awaswas & Ramaytush peoples colonially known as Santa Cruz and Menlo Park

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A sex coach can help you gain the empowering embodiment tools to move beyond wanting or satisfaction into truly enlivening & thriving relationships with yourself, others and the environment. My name is Annie and my trauma-informed coaching practice is founded in experiential attachment-based therapy techniques.

Annie has a humbly masterful way of creating and holding space where vulnerable truths can be shared free of shame. I really appreciate how bravely she shares her most vulnerable feelings so that we can feel safe doing the same. Annie’s energy helps me in accepting myself. ~S.N.

Most of us have been raised in a culture lacking down to Earth communication about sexuality and trauma. I work with individuals and pairs to holistically deepen their capacity for intimacy by practicing embodied communication tools together. In working with me, a new perspective will unfold around the interconnectedness of your sensual life.

I work with individuals, monogamous and openly-organized folx via embodiment tools to learn greater resilience, self-knowing and confidence on the following common issues:

*jealousy *lack of desire *broken agreements & avoiding cheating *shame & guilt *boundaries *spilling energy *putting words to sensations and emotions *erectile disfunction *ejaculation control *pain during sex *co-creating the type(s) of relationship(s) you want most *body negativity & eating disorders *expanding your definition of sex *sexual and gender identity *discovering desire/boosting libido *rekindling eroticism in long-term relationships *recovering from an affair *exploring open relationships *emotions around abortion (preparation and recovery) *abusive relationship (recovery and current) *trauma informed (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training) *introduction into dom/sub, light dom/sub *grief *eco-anxiety *other mental health challenges due to current ecological circumstances *depression *acute and developmental trauma

This discussion and work that comes along with it is essential for our societies’ happiness. ~workshop participant

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