Annie & The Somatica® Method- Certified Somatica Practitioner

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Do you ever feel like your sexual relationships are continuously based off of assumptions? Do you feel as if something unidentifiable is missing around intimacy? Have you ever wanted to thrive in your sexual self feeling confident that your adult play is a genuine extension of your true self? A sex coach can help you gain the empowering tools to move beyond wanting or satisfaction into truly enlivening relationships.

Most of us have been raised in a culture lacking down to Earth communication about sexuality. My name is Annie and I help individuals and pairs holistically deepen their capacity for intimacy by practicing embodied communication tools together. In working with me, a new perspective will unfold around the interconnectedness of your sensual life.

I work with individuals, monogamous and openly-organized folx via embodiment tools to learn greater resilience, self-knowing and confidence on the following common issues:

*jealousy *lack of desire *broken agreements & avoiding cheating *shame & guilt *boundaries *spilling energy *putting words to sensations and emotions *erectile disfunction *ejaculation control *pain during sex *co-creating the type(s) of relationship(s) you want most *body negativity *sexual and gender identity *discovering desire/boosting libido *rekindling eroticism in long-term relationships *recovering from an affair *exploring open relationships *emotions around abortion (preparation and recovery) *abusive relationship (recovery and current) *trauma informed (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training) *introduction into dom/sub, light dom/sub *grief *processing emotions around cultural oppressions and climate change