Annie & The Somatica® Method- Certified Somatica Practitioner

I have been training with the Somatica® Institute since 2017 and became Santa Cruz’s first Certified Somatica Pactitioner in 2019 . I help individuals who are struggling with shame, jealousy and other insecurities around relationship choices move through these common issues and achieve confidence and self-knowing through experiential based sessions. The method is based on the interdependence and individualism within our relationships being equally important. The only way to get better at relationships is to practice them and thats where I come in. We are entering into a relationship and we will grow together. I also specialize in support around abusive relationship history holding a non-judgemental space and coming from a place of empathy with personal experience.

I work with individuals, monogamous and openly-organized folx via embodied tools to learn greater resilience, self-knowing and confidence on the following common issues:

*abusive relationship issues (recovery and current) *jealousy *lack of desire *broken agreements & avoiding cheating *shame & guilt *boundaries *spilling energy *putting words to sensations and emotions *erectile disfunction *ejaculation control *pain during sex *co-creating the type(s) of relationship(s) you want most *body negativity *sexual and gender identity *discovering desire/boosting libido *rekindling eroticism in long-term relationships *recovering from an affair *exploring open relationships *emotions around abortion (preparation and recovery)