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Annie created a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to share, and the exercises she led us through helped me further along the path of accepting myself, my body, and my own sexuality. I am excited to participate in future events to come! ~A.K.

Annie’s Core Erotic Theme class helped me to discover and examine what makes me feel erotically fulfilled. The discovery of my own theme helped me to release shame around one of my most exciting and pleasurable experiences. The class also helped me to feel comfortable expressing & communicating my sexual identity around others, and provided me with an opportunity to discover how diverse people’s desires really are. ~workshop participant

I will be presenting at SexPosCon on the topic of Ecological Intimacy
This offer is current and ongoing – please refer to this ad for discount
 9 week Re-Wilding your Intimacy Program (on-going)
 Who: we work one on one bringing awareness and change to relationship challenges of your choosing 
 What: Using your turn-ons (passion or Qi) to fuel you as a change-maker in regenerative communities - program designed around your specific goals 
Where: This course can be taken in person or virtually 
 When: We meet once a week, 2 hours each session, for 9 weeks. We will schedule this time based on both of our schedules.
 Why: Our mental, physical and emotional health, connection with community and environment are all integrally intertwined and we will use this awareness to empower your life!
How: While this program has a framework structure, it is designed to be customized with your personal goals and growth in mind. We will practice embodied communication tools, create a relationship laboratory to deeply support your process and your style of processing (a benefit of working relationally), and take time in wild, natural spaces. 
 Is this program for you?
 This program is designed for individuals who have an interest in aligning their personal, professional and/or environmental relationships to their internal experiences of life. This is especially resonate for many of us because of the current ecological status. You do not have to have any prior experience with deep ecology or intimacy work to enroll. This work assumes that we are of and from nature, our nervous systems and immunity reflect our response to our environment, and that our inter-personal relationship(s’) health is correlated with our relationship to ecology. This course assumes that true holistic healing cannot be without social justice/anti-oppression education and deep ecology intelligence which is easily accessible to human nature. This course is for those who are 18 years old or older. This course is perfect for those who are:
 *curious about increasing their capacity to give and receive pleasure
 *feeling overwhelm in the face of global events including and not limited to climate crisis 
 *wanting to strengthen the ability to hold calm space in trying times
 *desiring to be a liaison between the wild spaces and human communities
 *already an activist, farmer or land-worker and want to prevent and or heal around burn-out 
 *wanting to give yourself structure and support around slowing down your nervous system and or acknowledging environmental trauma as a personal and inter-generational boundary disruption 
 *expanding capacity for wildness in your life that is based in a trauma-informed, sex-positive and relational co-created structure 
 *learn how to own your human-right to have pleasure and create the type of world you desire by building resilience around being a change maker
 What You Get from this Course / learning outcomes
 *expanded awareness of options within relationships 
 *deeper presence and appreciation within self and in wild spaces
 *ability to access and create sanctuary within nature’s resources, physical and energetic, to gain resilience in these trying times
 *greater confidence in making choices professionally and in community 
 *foundations of sexual positivity as a resource for wider social change 
 *increased discernment of internal or projected shame 
 *clarity in communications around climate change and direct environmental impacts (awareness that accountability is an important factor in individual and community well-being)
 *take time to embody yourself in nature without an agenda and to create space for fascination (focused curiosity and awe)  
*A highly personalized experience that encompasses the idea of holistic healing as something that includes the inner and outer world as inseparable 

 Cost: $1,300 
discounted rate available for POC
Contact me at for inquiries

Lovage Power Support Circle Donation Based – (4 sessions)

dates: 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 6/3 (all Mondays, 6 – 8 pm) Live Oak – Blessedbe Wellness (We do not meet Monday the 27th)

Peer-led structured support group where we’ll talk about sexuality, from taboos to personal experiences to goals and ideals. This will be a closed group – the same folks for all four weeks – There will be a brief personal check-in prior to May 6. Reserve your spot at ‘Lovage Power Support Circle at’. Annie Boheler and Amanda Edwards are hosting this event and they are both graduates of the Somatica®  Institute. See below for links to the facebook and eventbrite registration page. *****The eventbrite is not designed for on-going events such as this so please reserve your spot with the first Monday. Hope to see you there!
My next workshop is just about a month away and I am so happy to be hosted at yet another Woman owned and operated wellness studio. Save $5 by signing up early (20 early/25 at the door) and if you haven’t checked out this awesome studio this will be a great way to introduce yourself to the space and to get a taste of the Somatica Method.
The class is $45 and open to all genders and orientations. Please go to to register.