Annie creates a safe, welcoming and fun space to explore these themes and what they represent for the individual and culture as a whole ~JM

This discussion and work that comes along with it is essential for our societies’ happiness. ~workshop participant

Annie has a humbly masterful way of creating and holding space where vulnerable truths can be shared free of shame. I really appreciate how bravely she shares her most vulnerable feelings so that we can feel safe doing the same. Annie’s energy helps me in accepting myself. ~S.N.

...about our session, I remember being struck by how well you held acceptance and made me feel comfortable that what I was speaking to was a valid feeling, etc. You did that well. You also suggested an appropriate experiential practice, and held that process great. Then when we sat to talk a bit more I like that you engaged physical contact by holding my arm with your hand. That's lovely connection during vulnerability to help me feel safe and connected while discussing something I might have felt awkward about. All in all I think you're skilled and your energy is a match for the work. ~C.C.

Annie’s Core Erotic Theme class helped me to discover and examine what makes me feel erotically fulfilled. The discovery of my own theme helped me to release shame around one of my most exciting and pleasurable experiences. The class also helped me to feel comfortable expressing & communicating my sexual identity around others, and provided me with an opportunity to discover how diverse people’s desires really are. 
Annie created a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to share, and the exercises she led us through helped me further along the path of accepting myself, my body, and my own sexuality. I am excited to participate in future events to come! ~A.K. (facebook review)


Annie possesses most, if not all of the attributes that I consider to be crucial as a healer. She is one of the most grounded people that I have encountered, and her awareness of both herself, and the world around her translates through all of her interactions. When working with Annie the objective perspective that she offers allows me to re-frame my thoughts in a way that provides me with a more holistic approach to my life, and my spirit. I trust Annie, and I know that her practice contributes positivity to the lives of those that she works with.  ~K.D.

Annie has this way of space holding and communicating that eases my nervous system. There is a level of deep unconditional presence that I feel has provided a safe relating container for me to experience a more authentic self, more aware of my core desires, and my power to create relationships structures that feels good. -E.T.